Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

National Park Learning Workshop
Comprehending – researching – experimenting

in Klausnerhaus in Hollersbach

  • The National Park Learning Workshop in Klausnerhaus in Hollersbach lets you experience the nature and culture of the Hohe Tauern National Park with all of your senses. 
    A farmhouse from the 14th century: This is the home of the National Park Learning Workshop. A house that appears to be made for the task of sharpening the senses of children and young people to nature and rural culture. The National Park Learning Workshop will show you how to identify animal tracks. Our young participants can make butter. Young national park detectives will delve into the world of flavours of herbs, trees, berries and fungi.


    The Learning Workshop programmes:


    Trees and forest tales
    From Year 3

    Today, our teachers are the eight most important conifers in the Hohe Tauern. We will touch the head-high tree models, inspect the grain and examine the bark, leaf and fruit models. This allows us to understand much faster than from a book how trees differ from each other. We will also get to know the smaller and larger inhabitants of the Tauern trees.


    CSI for national park detectives
    from Year 3

    Watch out detectives! Wherever you look in nature, you will find tracks. We will discover foot and feeding tracks, learn what droppings and pellets are, and uncover various nests and structures. In the workshop, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to identify the tracks of individual animals. Then we will roam the woods and meadows discovering the different types of tracks left by the animals. 


    This is what nature tastes like
    from Year 4

    During a walk in the woods and across meadows, we will collect useful plants and medicinal herbs. By working with and tasting herbs, wild vegetables and berries, we will get to know the healing, flavouring and edible wild plants from the national park region and experience their function in the ecosystem first hand. Furthermore, the teas, soups and spread made are delicacies that no-one should miss out on.


    Learning about culture through taste and touch
    from Year 4

    Cream and butter are made in the National Park Workshop using hand-operated machinery. In the process, we will learn about the importance of Alpine farming to the landscape. And those of you with a sweet tooth will get your money's worth. Furthermore, we will turn wool to felt and create our own "Schlinta". And we will find out what that is at the National Park Workshop.





    Klausnerhaus, National Park municipality of Hollersbach


    Target group:

    School classes and youth groups aged 8 years and older



    Per school class
    € 110,-

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