Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Tracing Roman

  • This tour starts at the Nassfeld info hut and will lead us along the themed Nassfeld trail to the head of the valley. Thanks to its vicinity to the core area of the national park, starting in Nassfeld allows us to reach our beautiful protected area in no time. With the aid of the ranger, we can speculate about the exact location of the ancient Roman road on some passages. Due to the heavy vegetation and further development in the area, however, it is impossible to know where it was exactly. A steep path will take us uphill to the Esselskar cirque. When we cross the pass, we will reach a point which was most probably the location of a temple or a small sacrificial shrine. (Several coin findings are proof of this.) From here we will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the Mallnitzertal valley, where we will return to once we’ve refuelled our batteries during a snack-break. After the break, we will head to the Jamnigalm huts, where the “Wanderbus” hiking bus will take us back to Mallnitz. From there, we will take the train back to Bad Gastein.


    These mountain passes have been used for thousands of years, first by the Celts, then by the Romans and later, between the Middle Ages up until the 19th century, by freight haulers. The Mallnitzer Tauern were part of the “Via Julia Augusta”, the main route to Noricum (Roman province, large parts of today’s Bavaria and Austria). A remarkable feature of the Mallnitzer Tauern and Korntauern is that both trails were suitable for ox carts.



    • sturdy hiking boots
    • protection from sun and rain
    • backpack with snacks and drinks
    • appropriate clothing

    This tour and all guided excursions require a good physical condition and a certain degree of stamina.


    Gastein - Nassfeld


    each Monday
    from 08.07 - 02.09.2019


    Meeting point:
    10:00 Uhr
    Train station Bad Gastein


    ca. 5,5 hours walkingtime


    Adult: 11 €
    Kids from 10 to 16 years accompanied by parents free


    until 12 o'clock the day before +43 6432 33930


    Nationalpark administration Salzburg
    +43 (0 ) 6562 40849 33
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